Let’s accept the challenge together.

We Are Your Flexible Software Development Partner.

About us

Innovative our customer‘s ideas drive us to find the best smart solutions. We provide professional and flexible nearshore software development services flavored with creativity and professionalism for companies all around Europe.

We believe in long-term relationship, the power of individual attention, “walking that extra mile” and combining work with fun.

From our headquarters in the heart of Western Europe – Delft, The Netherlands, our German office in Hamburg and development center in Kaunas, Lithuania, we are able to serve our customers in an optimal and professional way.


We have chosen to locate our software development team in Kaunas, Lithuania, because this has many advantages to our clients:

A large pool of talented IT graduates (in Western European countries is an increasing shortage)
Globally recognized universities and IT brand companies with a wide range of expertise in technology
Huge number of qualified English-speaking software developers
Good mix of specialists with technical- and soft skills
A similar culture
Cost-effective services
No travel (and other) limitations within the EU
1-hour time difference with Western Europe

The way we work

Every project we start with a clear onboarding process. We believe that the time we spend on the investigation of the needs of our customers pays off later and leads to smooth further collaboration.

In case of an agreement on our proposal for collaboration, we select the best candidates. Also, we interview and test them in our office In this way we only propose the best candidates to our customers. In addition, this process is accompanied by continuous communication. Therefore, the rest of the development process flow is individually defined with a customer using Agile (like Scrum and Kanban) or even scaled Agile (the Nexus Framework).

Our mission

To bring brilliant ideas to digital life by providing high-quality software development services. Also, supporting our customers by making their businesses more efficient and effective.

Our vision

We are seeking to become a software developing leaders, where talented people are guided by their personal and professional goals. Also, we are reaching innovative technologies, in order to, offer the best services for our customers and make them even more competitive in the market. 

We are proud to work with