Let’s accept the challenge together.

We do believe that the culture of the company is the core value that unites the team which is ready to face the new challenges together.


Start your career in an informal and friendly international company. We do believe that today’s businesses have more opportunities than ever before. Also, we live in a time where innovative development solutions can let them reach new heights and make people lives easier. In particular, being a software development company we seek to play an important role in today’s digital businesses by making them more efficient and effective.

We do believe in a modern partnership between our customers and employees. Where we seek to achieve our goals together and be satisfied with what we do.

Brilliant ideas can’t be buried so let’s make them real together.

Present Connection provides professional and flexible nearshoring development services for customers all around Europe. It operates two offices, its headquarters in the heart of Western Europe – Delft, The Netherlands and one in Kaunas, Lithuania.


The key to success is the team of talented and enthusiastic professionals who are specializing in different technologies. Above all, we encourage a knowledge-sharing environment where everybody has the ability to share and learn from each other. In fact, our experience proved that it’s the best way to improve technical skills and to grow individually and as a team.



We work on large-scale projects and build custom enterprise solutions that fulfills the brilliant ideas of our customers.



Our development teams work with customers from abroad.



For the project management and communication we use various methodologies according the project and customer requirements.



Each of our team member has the ability to improve their skills and to expand knowledge by complying technological certificates.


We do believe that the culture of the company is the core value that unites the team which is ready to face the new challenges together. Our goal is to keep a liberal and positive work environment, where everyone can feel free and comfortable. Each of our professionals has the possibility to share their ideas and to be a part of our culture. Our friendly and young team organizes annual company events and has nice traditions which are an integral part of our company.


Last year's intangible resources survey showed that our inner culture and the relationships between colleagues are of excellent quality. Moreover, we strive to maintain the same atmosphere and friendly work environment to reach the best results together.


We are good at sports and we love to complete new sports challenges. In the last PC Running challenge, we overcome 1622 km and burned 136,000 calories together! We are also participating in the annual city marathons and other sports tournaments.


We are open to individual hobbies and entertainments. Somebody wants to take for a short walk during a brake and others are happy to play on the Xbox or play chess. In addition, in our office, you can choose your own “brake style”.

Lifelong Learners

Our team believes in lifelong learning and continuous skills improvement independently of an age and job position. We provide conditions for everybody to grow. Whether you are a beginner or professional there are always new things to learn.