About Simpel.nl

Simpel.nl is the largest sim-only provider in the Netherlands. Simpel.nl offers high quality advantageous offers without frills.

The company stands for transparency and honesty. Clear offers and clear, open communication. Not only in its products and services, but also in the workplace.

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Our partnership

In 2018 Simpel.nl got in contact with Present Connection with the question to extend their Software Development capacity. After a selection process, Simpel chose Present Connection as Development Partner. The main reasons why Present Connection has been selected are: a match with the company culture, a clear and similar way of working, very adaptive and effective. Further, Simpel was surprised by the knowledge, friendliness, social match and many more. But above all, the synergy felt very good and personal.


Our collaboration

Together with Simpel.nl an engagement plan was drawn up. First Present Connection was mixed with the Software teams and after the planned period Present Connection is running their own sprints as team Harmony with the other development teams in the LESS Framework.

The software development team of Present Connection is working on the optimization of the order flow and the customer self-service portals of "Simpel.nl". Also, the developers continue to add features and improve the backend platform of “Simpel.nl” to make it future ready. This will increase the user-friendliness of the portals and improve operational stability which will increase commercial performance and lower the pressure on the support desk.

Next to the development, team Harmony also participates in the architecture meetings, contributes to the test automation, keeps the codebase up-to-date, clean of technical debt, and matching coding industry standards with focus on clean architecture in domain-driven design paradigm.

Used technologies

PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Laminas (formerly Zend Framework), Zend Server, Vue.js, Redis, ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Used tools

Slack, Microsoft Teams, Office365, Google docs, Jira, Trello, GITLAB


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