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It’s Us

About the customer

Since 2000, It’s Us is the specialist in ICT maintenance and Exact Business software. Their strengths are expertise, sharing of knowledge and open communication. 


Already for 5 years, It’s Us and Present Connection have been collaborating to support customers with Exact Synergy and Globe application adjustments. The Present Connection team is responsible for creating new integrations, extending main platform functionality and creating the user interface.  


Next, to customer specific adjustments, our company is involved in the product development of a standardized integration platform with the name Coretix. This product is focused on the mid-market where systems must be connected in an easy low-cost way. Coretix is based on standards with the possibility to have customer-specific integrations. At this moment Coretix has already 20+ active integrations and proves itself as a mature product. 


More information can be found on www.itsus.nl.

Project description

Coretix is chosen as one of the most modern and innovated products in the mid-market integration area. With Coretix the main company ERP applications can easily connect with other applications. Coretix is specially designed to smoothly link with webshops and other applications like Magento, Wics, eLead, Nedap, Microsoft CRM, and many others.

Used Technologies

  • C# language
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft ASP .NET
  • WPF
  • WCF
  • Vue.js