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We Are Your Flexible Software Development Partner.


With our Microsoft Dynamics experience we help companies to create long-term relationships with their customers by transforming business process automatization and the optimization of the productivity of their people.


Present Connection has experience in developing custom applications based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our services include business requirements analysis and consultation, system design, implementation, and data migration. We also have experience in performing version upgrades, assist with failed project restarts, and offer comprehensive customization services. Next, to this, we can help you to build Microsoft Appsource ready applications.

Our team has experience in Microsoft Dynamics includes sales automation, customer service automation, supply chain management and others.

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Every project we start has a clear onboarding process. We believe that the time we spend on the investigation of the needs of our customers pays off later and leads to a smooth collaboration.

In case of an agreement on our proposal for collaboration, we select the best candidates. In addition, we interview and test them in our office. This process is accompanied by continuous communication. The rest of the development process flow is individually defined with a customer using Agile (like Scrum and Kanban).

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We know that sometimes it is hard to make the decision to start working with a company from abroad. We try to make this a little bit easier with the local presence of our own people and our partners.

Also, our clear onboarding process to start-up the collaboration as smooth as possible and the flexibility to adjust ourselves to the needs and way of working of our customers can take away the last doubts.

We do believe that the partnership with our customers will be even more fruitful. If the people in our team have professional and educational environment with interactive play zone inside the office.

Here are three reasons why you should start working with us: undoubted professionalism, fluent management and fun!