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We Are Your Flexible Software Development Partner.


As a Progress Service Delivery Partner, we provide professional Progress OpenEdge modernization services. Also, we offer care and support solutions for existing Progress projects. Our Progress Developers deliver continuous innovation, enabling customers to leverage their existing investments while quickly, easily and affordably evolving their applications to support their business strategy and keep up with market trends. We have knowledge of all existing 4GL-systems, OpenEdge, Corticon, Telerik, Sitefinity and Kendo UI.

Progress OpenEdge is selected when it is necessary to create business agility, save administrative overhead costs, ensure business growth, reliability and security.

Progress OpenEdge technologies and services

OpenEdge modernization and support 

Our team offers Progress OpenEdge modernization and support services. Modernization is required for those customers, which are interested in boosting their Progress applications and do not want to move to another technologies. Other companies are interested in Progress support possibilities, because all their business is based on Progress. Then it requires continuous maintenance and support.  

In our company we use the OpenEdge Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to develop ABL (4GL). Progress Open Edge IDE is compatible with any database, user interface (UI) and operating system. Also, we have knowledge in Corticon and Telerik. Our latest innovation is building Front Ends with tools and frameworks like React Redux, Vue.js, AngularJS, Knockout and ASP.NET MVC. 

Open Edge allows us to balance productivity with flexibility by eliminating many coding tasks associated with creating robust business components, managing data access, and building effective services. We can build and deploy dynamic process-centric applications across any platform, mobile device on premise or in the cloud. Also, we deliver application innovation at a faster pace and lower overall cost than using other development environments, accelerating time to value and increasing business flexibility. It is really good that those solutions that fit the needs of business today but also has the flexibility to adapt to shifting business requirements.

The way we work

Every project we start with a clear onboarding process. We believe that the time we spend on the investigation of the needs of our customers, pays off later and leads to a smooth further collaboration.

In case of an agreement on our proposal for collaboration, we select the best candidates. We interview and test them in our office. In this way we only propose the best candidates to our customers. This process is accompanied by continuous communication. The rest of the development process flow is individually defined with a customer using Agile (like Scrum and Kanban), or even scaled Agile (the Nexus Framework).

Why choose us?

We know that sometimes it is hard to make the decision to start working with a company from abroad. We try to make this a little bit easier with the local presence of our own people or our partners. Also, our clear onboarding process to start-up the collaboration as smooth as possible and our flexibility to adjust ourselves to the needs and way of working of our customers and, can take away the last doubts. We do believe that the partnership with our customers will even be more fruitful if the people in our team have, next to a professional and educational environment, a lot of fun. So we always try to include our cooperation as well!

Here are 3 reasons why you should start working with us: undoubted professionalism, fluent management and fun!

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