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Since 2013 Present Connection has been collaborating with It’s Us in their product development and the build of additional features for their customers. During these years, It’s Us noticed the importance of data integrations within the landscape of their customers. The main reason for this was the availability of multiple systems within organizations and the increasing volume of data and the growing awareness of its value to these enterprises. This resulted in the development of the Coretix platform. Coretix is the integration platform that is developed to integrate systems and exchange data at an affordable price.

New Version of the Coretix Platform

Now that more and more large organizations use the Coretix platform, it is time to expand and improve the platform. One of the Present Connection teams is currently building a new version of the Coretix platform. The goal is to improve the speed and scalability of the platform by using cutting-edge technologies.

The new version of the Coretix architecture will be based on microservices, managed by the latest tools for container orchestration. Technologies like EventStore and Kafka will improve the performance as the platform has to process a high load of IO operations.

Platform management, monitoring, reporting and alerting will improve by using tools used by companies like Netflix, Uber & LinkedIn.

Business integrations using the Coretix platform

Recently the Coretix team implemented the integration of data reporting between an international payment platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. At first, it was used as a proof of concept. And later, when the pilot project was a succes, a solution was rolled out for multiple companies. Currently it is considered to be added to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central app store.

Covid – 19 effectiveness

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people are working remotely. This massively changed workflows for (some) businesses.

A recent example of how Coretix solved a change in the workflow was the business integration between a digital signature service provider and Exact Synergy CRM.

As employees and customers were not able to sign documents by hand, they do this by using a digital signing service. As data exchange between these two systems is not a standard functionality of neither CRM nor digital signing service, this integration was implemented using the Coretix platform. This solution was essential for the business to process its day-to-day operations.

Coretix team

Present Connection developers love taking part in worldwide projects. A large part of the success depends on the work of the Coretix team, that implements the technical aspects of the solution. It’s impressive to see how much extra value it brings and how automation and data integration becomes an essential part of the business.

Coretix is an extremely flexible platform, so it can easily adjust to business requirements. Imagine you are asked to go from point A to B. There are multiple options to do that: you can either go by bike, scooter, taxi, car, van, bus, train, or any other vehicle. All these options will help to reach your destination, but each of them is used in specific scenarios. That is much like how our Coretix team works – constantly trying to find the best way for the businesses to operate.


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