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From food technologist to programmer

There are a lot of interesting and incredible stories about careers in programming. If you are thinking about changing your career, read Andrėjus’ story and get the motivation to just do it!


Why did you decide to become a developer?

It was a multi-level process that took me a couple of months to decide to follow this career path. To make a long story short, I was a food technologist before becoming a developer and loved that profession until I reached the “adult world”. The food industry, especially the industrial sector was not kind to me, then my improvement dropped, and motivation plummeted. After some horrible experiences, I decided to turn my career path 180 degrees. And one of the choices was to become a programmer. Going forward now and looking back, that was the best choice I have ever made.


Recently you also became a Newbie Instructor. How is that going?

Everything is going great so far. It’s not an easy position because it challenges me to think outside the box. I get questions that show me some parts where I’m lacking (knowledge/expertise) and inspire me to improve in those fields. I never thought I was lacking something. After many drastic changes to our teamwork and structure, I got offered this position. I believe this happened because of my outgoing mentality and experience as a mentor. The road was – and still is – bumpy with some setbacks but also lots of empowering moments. The experience here is immeasurable, and it’s fun to see people learn how to “Progress”. 🙂


What is your goal in your career now?

To improve my knowledge significantly and slowly try to transition to C# .NET language.


What were you doing before Present Connection?

As I previously mentioned, I was a food technologist. After finishing my web development full stack courses, I worked with the American health care system as an Accounts Resolution Specialist and mentored children at a programming Academy for Kids.


What projects are you working on?

At Present Connection, I’m working with proAlpha. I’m doing some training tasks with C# .NET, and in my spare time, I’m looking into game development with the Unity engine.


What do you like the most about being part of the Present Connection team?

The atmosphere in this company is wonderful. There are many great colleagues, lots of opportunities to improve yourself and show your value, many events where you can see how you stack up to others, and many other exciting things.

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