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Front-end academy – a great way to share knowledge

From the very start, our company has had a strong technology stack for both C# and PHP. And because we were faced with a high demand for front-end development from western European markets, we decided to launch an academy for both internal and external developers to improve there skills in this field. To be able to meet the growing demant for front-end development.

It has already been four years since we launched the Lithuanian Front-end Academy, with the goal to share our knowledge and build a community around front-end development.

Academy model

The Front-end Academy is a workshop-based academy within Present Connection, where people improve there skills in software development by participating in a 3-month course. During the academy, participants create their own projects using React.js for front-end and Node.js for back-end.

During those years, 25 external and 14 internal participants finished courses, presented their projects and got their certificates.

Academy mentor

Present Connection’s ‘Head of Delivery’ Ernestas Burokas took the lead for all Front-end Academies. Working as a full-stack developer and later as a team lead Ernestas wanted some new challenges and suggested that teaching students and new developers’ front-end technologies was totally his ‘thing’. A perfect match to share his knowledge and grow his competencies.

Some numbers

  • Front-end Academy started on 2017.
  • First-year 51 participants showed their willingness to take part in the academy.
  • 2018 interest in Front-end Academy increased more than twice.
  • 2019 academy participants finished their front-end projects and learned how to create mobile applications with React Native.
  • 25 external and 14 internal participants finished Present Connection Front-end Academy courses.
  • 2020 pandemic forced to make a pause organizing academy.
  • 2021 goal is to organize know-how sessions with Front-end Academy alumni and other specialists.



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