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Happy 10th Birthday!


This number is very big and important for our team. It’s fun to look back at past events, old photos, and share memories. After 10 years, we believe our culture and values have helped us succeed and keep us alive. We live our values every day.


We build connections

Customers are an essential part of our ten years of growth. Some even become close friends. Many memories have been made, and we are counting on more.

Colleagues. We try to keep a close relationship with former and existing employees. The company doors are open even for those who left the company – they can always change their mind.

Candidates are treated individually. If there is no option for a job vacancy, there are other options to grow knowledge – internship, Front-End Academy.

Partners are the ones who help to shape our company’s face. Together we are stronger in facing the market and environmental challenges.

The day company’s contract was signed.


We deliver

Commitments. We like stability and responsibility and are very proud of our long-lasting and close relationships with clients, colleagues, and partners.

Quality is almost always the best reflection of your abilities, skills, and time management. We always had and always will try to bring the best we can in everything we do.

Results are our main priority. Let’s be honest, not all projects have been successful and have not always achieved the best and highest results. But we are the ones who try to find various solutions to solve problems and get the best possible outcome.

The first Front-End Academy


We care

Experience. Mentorship, training, and knowledge sharing inside and outside the company help us reach personal and professional goals.

Well-being is the key to everything. A personal budget system, care for mental health, work-life balance, sports initiatives, and challenges helps us stay focused and always look forward.

The environment inside and outside is what we have always worked on. Good microclimate, relaxed office, and You decide work model creates that vibrant and dynamic environment where everyone can feel free and express themselves.


We welcome

Adventures are something special to us. We have had the fun stuff for ten years: kayaking, bike tours, a table tennis tournament, board game nights, and crazy after-parties. Especially parties, we know how to do ones.

Lifestyles are important. They show who we are. Walking in shorts daily, or just with a jumper, the sporty athlete, couch ninja, single introvert, or multifamily member. All scenarios were covered during these years. Curious to see what’s coming next.

Enthusiasm in PC people is enormous! Present connection is very lucky to have such energetic, enthusiastic, creative, and inventive people in the team who are willing to share their ideas with colleagues. In this way, we have wonderful moments and unforgettable adventures.

We wish ourselves to keep the spirit and vibe for the next decade, and for you to join and to become a part of it!

Stay ahead
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