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How to become a developer at Present Connection

If you want to join Present Connection as a developer, there are several options for you.


During a week-long workshop, candidates complete a technical assignment, and the most successful ones are offered to join the team in an Entry-Level position. Candidates do not need to have work experience, and for those who join, the work can easily be combined with studies. You will work in the Progress ABL programming language. An excellent opportunity to gain commercial experience with a project within the organization.


Internships are an amazing opportunity to start your developer career! We have several success stories related to internships in our company. We share our open internship positions on our career page. So check it out and don’t hesitate to apply.


A mentoring program allows you to improve and deepen your knowledge, learn new things, and accelerate your career.

Internal academies

At this moment, we have a Front-End Academy at Present Connection. The Academy was launched in 2017 and has been running successfully for five years. The Academy starts every year in autumn. A Front-End Academy Workshop – a free 3-month course diving deep into JavaScript, Reactjs, React native. Free of charge.

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