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Managing software development projects with Jira


Jira is the most popular software for managing software development projects. It gives the team a large variety of options for cooperation, information exchange, and increasing work efficiency. We will not hide it – we are a big fan of Jira @ Present Connection. We think it’s the best tool for such projects in the IT industry. Why is it worth a shot? I will try to show you the reasons in favor of Jira.

It’s curious how choosing the right project management tool can affect many processes within your company. Until you discover this connection, you may not realize it. Nevertheless, I’m sure Jira will help you with that. Let’s start with a short introduction.


The most important advantages of Jira:


– It facilitates teamwork within projects.

– Jira provides system support for processes.

– It helps to achieve better results and increase the efficiency of project management.

– Jira improves reporting work results.

I want to show you why Jira is a good solution, especially for software development projects. We have been using this tool at Present Connection for a really long time and I can confirm with full responsibility that it works! Do you want to know why it’s so great?

software development projects


Jira can fit any project specifics


Jira gives a wide range of personalization options. You can create any columns, cells, boards, etc., that you need. This tool allows you to perform various activities – document verification, data flow, task planning, knowledge sharing, sharing resources, granting access, and making decisions.

From the perspective of software development projects, having a convenient and intuitive filtering language – in this case, JQL – is useful. You can also combine your board with confluence. Jira certainly opens great opportunities to improve the design by building advanced dashboards. Though it is probably the best tool available for software development, I am convinced that it will also be great for other types of projects.


Jira is adaptable with external tools


At Present Connection, we use Slack as well as other tools on a daily basis. All of them can be easily combined with Jira. In addition, Jira offers almost 10,000 various plugins. You can install the ones you need, depending on your project needs and team preferences. Example? You can track the work time of completing a specific task. This way you get information on the amount of time your team needs to complete this specific task.

There is also an option for more advanced Jira users – this tool allows you to develop your own plugins! However, you might need developer assistance for it.


software development projects




Is Jira profitable? It depends on the size of the team and the type of business you run. If a small team uses this tool, you don’t have to worry about high costs. Currently, the cost of Jira access for 10 people amounts to $10. Jira’s solutions are so versatile that the benefits for large companies and corporations are much greater than the costs

It is also worth adding that Jira offers a free trial period. If you are not convinced about the solutions they offer, you can test them for free to find out. The trial version expires after 7 days.


Jira is a great tool for managing a remote team working in agile


Yes, Jira is a well-tailored project management tool compatible with Agile, the most common approach for software development projects. Therefore, if you want to maximize team performance, try Jira. It will also help you in managing a remote team as Jira facilitates communication and exchange of information.

Thanks to many options of personalizing the board and functionalities, you can perfectly adjust the tool to the needs of your remote team. It includes options such as defining statuses and deadlines, setting updates and reminders.


Jira is tested and widely used


Jira was created by Atlassian in 2002. Since then, it has gathered tens of thousands of users. Thanks to a large and very active user community, the software is constantly updated. This is undoubtedly one of the most important advantages. There are many similar tools available on the web, but they are often outdated or do not provide solutions as innovative as Jira’s.


Ending notes


We are using Jira because we believe that it really helps us manage projects and stay compatible with Agile. At Present Connection, we are sure that it increases our work efficiency, eliminates potential threats, and helps implement projects on time. If you introduce Jira correctly, your business will have competent employees who can exploit the potential of this tool. I am convinced that you will quickly notice the positive results stemming from using Jira.


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