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New JetCamp functionalities

Since 2017 our team is working with JetCamp –  the fastest growing online marketplace for searching and booking camping. The website lists all 25.000 campings in Europe and has affiliate contracts with all major camping-operators. 

Right from the start, our colleagues JustinasDominykas, and Mindaugas helped to build and shape this company. 

From the very beginning, JetCamp has strived to become the leading online marketplace for searching and booking a camping holiday. JetCamp now lists all campings in Europe (with content & in 6 languages) and does this free of charge. This separates JetCamp from any competition and gives end-consumer a far-better overview of specific camping locations with more options to choose from. 

This project is moving and growing all the time, so we are proud and happy to announce about the possibility to show prices & availability for any camping connected to a pms or channel manager. The first channel manager to be connected will be French Ctoutvert with access to over 2000 campings in France, Italy, and Spain. 

Why not follow JetCamp’s example?


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