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Kaunas Coding school —> Progress developer (proAlpha)


How did you start your career as a developer?

I don’t think my story is extraordinary but it’s also not the one where you know that you will be a programmer from childhood – it’s just the opposite! I had absolutely no interest in computers while growing up, and people kept telling me that working in the IT area is for men and I was not the one. When I had to choose my university degree, I thought finance sounds like my thing because I love solving math problems. I had some Finance/Accounting related jobs but I felt that something is missing. One evening after a concert I was talking to my friend who is a programmer, and suddenly I asked him – “teach me programming”. I have no idea why I did, the words just flew out of my mouth. He taught me some basic Javascript and I think it was it – I fell in love with programming. Even though it seemed difficult at first, I enjoyed myself very much. I started learning the basics step by step after work but the progress was too slow. I wanted more. A few weeks later I read an article on LinkedIn saying that if a person wants to become a programmer – he or she has to quit their job and make learning the main thing in your life. Therefore I did exactly that! I quit my job, signed up for a development course at Kaunas Coding school, finished a degree there, got myself a job at Present Connection as a Junior Progress Developer.


What do you like the most about being a part of the Present Connection team?

I love the great atmosphere and the people around me. My colleagues are very supportive and friendly. You can feel the motivation and positiveness once you step into the office.


What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

If I had to answer this question more than a year ago, I would say my free time mainly consisted of spending time with my friends and loved ones. I had no additional hobbies and for that reason – I hated this question. But last year was the year of finding myself. I started painting – the thing that I loved before but forgot. I started doing yoga and sometimes meditation. Recently, I started attending dance classes and practicing shooting sport with an air rifle. And of course, I try to improve my programming skills because there is always so much to learn.


What projects are you working on personally?

When I began my programming journey, I had an idea for a website but the problem was that I had no clue how to make it real. This project combines two things that I really like – programming and creating enjoyable activities for my friends and family. A user chooses a set of challenges to lighten the day up, e.g. try yoga, painting or answer some questions to know yourself better. The project’s main idea is to serve the purpose of making every day count. The start of my project was terrible because I didn’t know how to develop anything – so I Googled some basic HTML and CSS. Later on, when I started a development course at Kaunas Coding School, I used this website as my final project. I finally had the required knowledge to improve it. I finally could add some functionality and design. To be truly honest, I didn’t finish it then either. Now my goal is to develop it from scratch and finally finish it.


We offer:

Awesome job; opportunity to gain knowledge in an experienced international company and with already high-performing experienced development teams.

Awesome place to work; supportive and friendly environment, fully organized joint lunches, personal training budgets, team outings, company outings, sports challenges, and other benefits.

A healthy place to work; table tennis tournaments with colleagues, sport and other activities challenges, full fruit baskets and healthy snacks.


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