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Q & A with Present Connection Team Lead Mindaugas Jackūnas

Mindaugas is assigned to our client Simpel – the largest sim-only provider in the Netherlands. He and his team Harmony are working on the optimization of the order flow and the customer self-service portals of Simpel. Next, the developers continue to add features and improve the backend platform of Simpel.nl to make it future proof. Apart from the development, team Harmony participates in the architecture meetings, contributes to the test automation, keeps the codebase up-to-date and clean of technical debt and matching coding industry standards with focus on clean architecture in domain-driven design paradigm.


Mindaugas, what was your drive to join Present Connection?

I have joined Present Connection mostly because I was challenged by the Simpel project and I felt attracted to the productive environment. Furthermore it looked like a nice and friendly place to work :).


Which tasks and topics are you totally absorbed in?

One of the most exciting topics for me is software security. Also, I enjoy spending time on challenging software problems that other people don’t have the patience or persistence to solve.


Can you describe a typical day in the life of a Harmony Team Lead whilst working from home?

It does not matter if we work from home or in the office, I always must have administrative tasks completed but I am mostly focusing on the team’s health and ability to deliver software. I try to stay on top of many things: remove impediments, protection from distractions, reduce stress, and increase morale. The team works is used to work remotely within the project from the beginning, so lockdown measures did not change the situation very much. Most of my time I spend on writing or deleting code.


If you hadn’t become a software developer, then …

… I would still be in a similar field of work: computer hardware or computer networking.


What is your management style?

I am trying to implement a management layer that is as thin as possible, where things are transparent for the team but where they are still being protected from unnecessary noise and stress. I try to be honest in all topics, encourage proactivity, democracy, diversity, and ‘let the best-engineered solutions win’. And every day I spend a short moment to express my pride to my teammates: Vaidas, Darius, Olegs, Edgaras and Tadas!


When in the process did you think outside-the-box? And how did it help your team?

When upper management recently to compare multiple agile teams using sprint velocity, I had to give good arguments not to do it. This allowed our team to maintain good collaboration and delivery stability within the project.


Knowing that the IT world is constantly changing, what have you done about personal development when it comes to your role?

I allow myself to grow more naturally in the role of team lead while still focusing more on increasing knowledge in the technical aspects of the project.


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