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Q&A with proAlpha team lead Martynas

What is your current position at Present Connection?

I am working with our client proALPHA for more than five years now. From the beginning of this project I have been working on the most challenging tasks and have made a lot of connections with proALPHA people.

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What do you like the most about your work?

Most of the issues and projects we do for proALPHA are different, so you are not sticking to one work pattern, and you do not get bored. Also, cold beer in the fridge (I missed this for a while)!

What made you choose Present Connection as a company?

Chain of coincidences. The second day I left my previous employer, I received an invitation from PC HR to have an interview. But I said to myself, I need three months’ of holiday and did not respond. After three months, I wrote back to them, ‘Hey, now I would like to do that interview.’ And guess what, a week later I started to work at PC.

Whose career inspires you?

Matt Groening, the father of Simpson’s family. He was told that he would never be good at animation. Well, now he is the best.

If you were not a developer, what career path would you choose?

I actually wasn’t a developer for most of my career. But was always ‘near it in my mind’. Sometimes I feel how code must be written even if I don’t know exactly how. So, I probably would be as psychic or a telepath.

What motivates you to grow in this company?

I am too old for growing. But, it’s definitely  a pack of 6 Coronas.

What is your professional highlight?

Writing a code with eyes closed.

What skills did you develop in your career while working at Present Connection?

Aline the code regarding code convention, as that can change twice a day.

How do you like to spend your free time?

Running and play Fortnite with my kids.

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