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5 Reasons Why Quality Assurance Is Vital For Every Software Development Project?


The end result of a thorough quality assurance approach is indeed a high-quality and fault-free software product. But quality assurance is much more than that. In addition to identifying errors and areas of improvement in a product. Quality assurance is important for many other aspects of the business. Such as client relations and business’ reputation in the market. Let’s shed light on some of the top reasons why quality assurance is essential for every software development project.


software quality assurance


Saves Time And Money

Consistent software quality assurance is necessary if you want to save your time and money. It can be expensive if mistakes and bugs go unidentified till the later stages in the development process because fixing mistakes in an already designed and coded product is going to be time-consuming, hence cost more money.

As a software provider, it is your responsibility to maintain quality standards at every step along the development process through testing and quality assurance so errors can be identified and fixed early on. A well-thought-out quality assurance strategy will ensure that no mistakes are carried forward until the final stages to prevent any major loss for the software development company and the client.


Ensures Quality And Competitiveness Of The Product

The tech-industry is unforgiving when it comes to software quality and performance. Examples of software failure mentioned above speak for the consequences a company could face for releasing a faulty software product.

If you want your software products to compete in the cut-throat software business. Then your products should always maintain quality and standard of performance to compete with the rest. This sheds light on the importance of quality assurance from the standpoint of market competitiveness. Better quality assurance maintains the quality and the competitiveness of the product before it is released to the customers and with every update rollout afterward.


Ensures Security

Security is always a big question for software products. Whilst a software application may meet its functional requirements and perform exactly as it is supposed to, it may not be completely secure. Vulnerabilities in a software system’s security can compromise the user data and credibility of the software.

This is one of the main reasons why software quality assurance is so important. It helps uncover vulnerabilities in a software’s security and helps build a product that is fully-secure and trustworthy.


Maintains Goodwill Of The Business

As discussed in the points above, quality assurance is important to avoid loss of time, money, and competitiveness of software products. But software quality assurance is also important to protect a business’ reputation. The inconvenience and, in some cases, legal troubles and controversy caused by faulty software systems can negatively impact the goodwill and position of the software provider in the market. More so, it can jeopardize the relationship between the company and its clients if the product of substandard quality is delivered.

This is where the importance of QA in software development is most evident. It ensures that your product serves as an apt brand ambassador for your business.


Guarantees User Satisfaction

The software development approach always focuses on the end-users of the product. It is necessary to guarantee the best user experience. A software system with bugs and errors can cause inconvenience for the users and ruin their experience.

Throughout the development process, QA engineers ensure that the product is developed without faults and performs its expected functions properly when in the hands of the end-users. As a result, users get a quality product that they are happy to use.




Like every other product, quality is important for software systems as well. Whether it is a simple internal system meant to be used by a few people. Or a software product to cater to millions of users. It is a software company’s job to deliver a quality software product that is well-tested for flaws and vulnerabilities. Here at Present Connection, we always carve to hire the best quality assurance specialist for most of our custom software development projects and deliver remarkable results, while keeping the code clean, guaranteeing customer’s users satisfaction & ensuring quality.

Quality assurance helps identify errors and flaws in the software code and design throughout the development process to prevent loss of time and money. It ensures that the end product is competitive, secure, and smoothly performs its expected functions. From the business standpoint, a thorough software development quality assurance practice can help the reputation of the business and guarantee user and client satisfaction.

I hope this article helped you understand the importance of quality assurance in software development.


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