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Rolling through 2021

Now we have entered 2022, we feel it is good to look back to 2021 and forward to the new year.


What a year! We can actually say that 2021 was The Year of the Team for us. If you wonder why, our team size increased by 25%, triple to the growth in 2020. A great result, but it brings a new challenge in finding extra office space. Obviously, we are keen to find inventive solutions.

With the growth of our team comes an increase in internal career opportunities and changes. More than ever, we have seen colleagues changing roles internally, deepening their knowledge, and learning new skills. The internal mentoring program has paid off well!

New work model

Due to the pandemic, we started the year working from home to later on return to our offices. The working experience differed from one colleague to the other, as some regarded returning as a gift, where others felt more productive working from home. Recognizing this, we introduced a new work model called “You decide”. This allows people where and when to work as long as the work is done. Currently, around 30% of our team prefers to work from the office, where the others choose to work somewhere else.


2021 also brought changes in our management structure in order to better align roles and responsibilities. Furthermore, the more technical experience was added to the management team to better represent the company, improve talent development and leverage the technical direction.

Memorable moments

Fortunately, live events came back. Starting of with our annual summer party, where we celebrated Present Connection’s 9th birthday and were nominated as The episode of the Year.

But also our colleagues’ initiatives boomed this year! We had amazing times with running and cycling challenges, kayaking, bike tours, basketball, and football evenings.

If we add this all up we can only look forward to 2022. We wish you all the best for the new year. Have a good one!

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