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Simas’ in-house career story

At Present Connection, we believe in continuous improvement, learning new things, and believing in people. That’s why it’s so rewarding to share stories of our team members achieving their goals and overcoming challenges.

Simas joined Present Connection 1 year and 8 months ago and has already changed a team and learned new skills and technologies. He challenged himself and started to learn everything on his own. In this Q&A, he tells his insights about his in-house career.

Why did you choose to work for Present Connection in the first place?

To be honest Present Connection chose me. I was freshly out of Kaunas Coding School, looking for the first workplace to launch my developer career, when the opportunity came to try myself out in the workshop to become a Progress developer in team ProAlpha.

Tell us more about your journey at Present Connection. (Previous position, current position)

My journey has taken me from being a Progress developer in team ProAlpha to a .NET developer in team “It’s Us”.

Was the offer of a professional challenge more intimidating or motivating?

It was both intimidating and motivating. The rough part was to leave the position in the previous team because there, I felt quite well and still had much to learn. But at the same time, it was motivating to see what level I achieved while learning .NET on my own and to challenge myself in a different project.

What do you see as the main advantages of an in-house career?

The main advantage is that there are no significant changes in the environment and surrounding people. You still work in the same office, and you still see the same faces every day. You can even work on multiple projects at the same time. It is a perfect solution when you just want to change the project or technologies you work with and not anything else.

What were the challenges you faced when changing the positions?

The main challenge was to start learning from scratch again. I came to the new team already having some knowledge in .NET, but the main bottleneck was learning all the new team’s in-house procedures. Some of them were similar to the ones in the previous team, but others were completely different and took a few weeks and a bit of effort to grasp.

What are the main factors you see when working in a different team that allows you to develop professionally?

Working in different teams helped me grow as a developer. I got to work with different technologies, procedures and solve various problems. And I believe that the more you see, the better, and in this case, I got to experience quite a lot while still working in the same company, which is an advantage.

What would be your recommendations for someone who is thinking about an in-house career?

My advice would be not to rush when moving to another team. With an in-house career, the main thing is that everything is under the same roof, so you can start learning the new teams’ processes and familiarize yourself with the project while still being part of the other team. And when the time comes, and the teams are ready to welcome you/let you go, you can make a move without any doubts that something was left unfinished.

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