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Behind the scenes of software development job


There are two popular opinions about being a software developer. One is that it is really easy and developers get paid for sitting and doing nothing all day. And the second one is that developing software is extremely hard and is definitely not for everyone – complicated codebases. Bare-bones specifications. Tight deadlines and many more challenges. Today our dear ProAlpha team developer Andrėjus shares his opinion about what It’s really like to be a software developer in 2020.

software development career


What do you think about the current situation for developers in the LT market? 


Lithuania has been experiencing a golden age in the IT sector for the last couple of years. That brought a huge demand of IT professionals, we are still experiencing a demand for developers but it has slowed down a little. It is easy to predict that soon enough supply and demand will reach an equilibrium.   

On that note, developers are highly sought after, especially the experienced ones. To cope with such a huge demand, we have a lot of entry-level developers entering the job market. Some companies, in dire need of good, long term employees, take these young developers and raise them to be loyal and productive members of a team.  The competition for such openings is huge too. As time goes by, requirements for entry levels are rising too, so young developers have to educate themselves more. 

In my opinion, as the supply and demand reach equilibrium, we will have higher standards for entry levels, but we will also have more companies willing to take up the task of raising a developer. 


What does it take to become a good software developer? Some real advice to younger yourself😊 


Well, if it was a piece of advice for my younger self, I would say:  Whatever you know now – is not enough. Get back to the books and learn more, do more. 


What are the most important skills for a Software Developer? 


Hands down the most important skill for a software developer is patience. While you`re developing an app, a game, a website or something ground-breaking, you are going to encounter hard times. Bugs are a recurring and ever returning problem that every developer out there faces. It doesn`t matter if you are a junior, senior or already one of the big guys (software engineers, IT architect’s and etc.), patience is a virtue and it helps to try again and again and again, until, you find the right solution to the problem at hand. 


Tell your honest opinion, what it takes to become a senior software developer 


In my opinion, it takes a specific kind of person to reach that level. You would need an analytical mind, a patient demeanor, a willingness to never stop learning throughout your career, have an eye for innovation. 

A senior developer is also a good mentor that helps his team to grow and improve over time, by being a hands-on team member. 

Last but not least a senior developer is an expert on google. 


What are the toughest situations that you came across since starting your software development job? 


  • Keeping your morale up after going through a buggy patch of code. 
  • That illusive and always hard to find missing “;” or “.” 
  • Those projects that are monotonous and require you to sit for days on-end doing the same thing over and over again. 
  • Meeting the high standards of the team leader. 
  • Coding, in general, its interesting but hard work that required a lot of man-hours and dedications.  


Is it true that a software development job is easy, and you get paid for nothing? 😊



If by doing nothing you mean: 

  • Writing thousands of lines of code, by hand. 
  • Learning a completely new language from scratch, because a client asked you to. 
  • Debugging everywhere and anytime for the rest of your career. 
  • Googling for solutions, only to find the ones that were deprecated 5 years ago. 
  • Building a product from scratch or even worse – maintaining Megaprojects. 
  • Crunching to meet deadlines. 
  • Bending over backward to meet obscure needs of a client. 
  • Investing your free time into keeping up with the latest technologies. 
  • And so much more nothing to get paid for. 😀  


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