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Present Connection renewal

Creating digital products with a personal touch is our way of doing things at Present Connection.


Why Software Development is made personal you ask?




We have grown from hands to the brain :bulb:


Whereas in the past we focused on developing and selling software projects, we have now become a professional in .Net, PHP, Progress, and front-end development. We work alongside a team of developers, consultants, and architects.

Because our continuous external service provision has become a true people business, our value proposition has increased.


.A more personal and unique local approach:handshake:


The main difference perceived by customers of Present Connection lies above all in the personal approach and the local relevance that we can offer. To help our clients with their development challenges, we guarantee that their nearshoring team in Lithuania truly is their dedicated remote team.

The Present Connection team is extremely friendly and offers excellent communication skills. This is reflected in e.g. live video meetings, monthly face-to-face meetings, and above all in the truly personal attention they can offer.


External connection, Internal growth :chart_with_upwards_trend:


We recognize the importance of close connections with both the demand side of the market and the developers on the supply side.

Our aim is to exclusively work with professionals, who are not only experts but also fun people. This applies to both our customers and our staff. At the end of the day, our most important business relations are probably our own colleagues.

Anyone working for Present Connection can expect to be challenged in attractive projects within a clear path towards growth, along which both knowledge and experience can be acquired.


It’s not about technology but about people :male-technologist::rocket:


We suggested earlier that our work is people’s work. That may be a strange opinion in the world of IT.  Nonetheless, we are thoroughly convinced that it is not skills but communication that helps us make a difference.

That is also the reason why we are in favor of relationships between equal partners, in which human interaction is crucial.


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