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Why cooperation with a software house is more profitable

Cooperation with a software house. By ‘software house‘ we mean a specialized company offering a dedicated team of professionals working and closely cooperating with an in-house team.

It’s challenging to discover gifted tech mastersparticularly in case you’re constrained in time and money. That’s why most of the companies choose to nearshore software development for decreasing regulatory costs (e.g. leasehardwarecomputer program licenses), taxes and lower the cost of product development itself. Not to talk about access to rich talent pools of various countries.

Moreover, It’s possible to hire a local team of software engineers if you’re searching for long-term cooperation. This variation, as a rule, requires more time and funds due to time-consuming interviews, on-boarding processes, and training.


Why choose cooperation with nearshoring experts?


Huge talent pool

As it was mentioned above, the market of IT outsourcing provides a huge pool of technical specialists that have both knowledge and experience. As a result, the hiring process can take just a few days, not months. Outsourcing provides you with unlimited hiring opportunities. You can consider different professionals from all over the world that have different skills and experience and choose the best engineer.

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One more reason to hire a reliable vendor is an opportunity to scale up and down. What does it mean? You can make your team bigger if you need to speed up the development process or decrease the number of specialists if there are no tasks for them to tackle.
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Faster project delivery
Nearshoring software development allows reducing the time spent on recruiting. You can always adjust the speed of your project development, e.g. cooperating with more specialists. As a result, time to market decreases along with expenses (you don’t need to pay if there’re no tasks).
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More technologies to choose from
A vendor can offer you to hire a software developer with a required skill set. For example, it’s extremely hard to hire a Perl developer in your region. But there are a lot of regions all over the world, so you can find a qualified specialist in some region.
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How to choose the right software house and not to fail?

Having your software development nearshored requires some preparation. That’s why we’ve decided to prepare several useful hints that can make the outsourcing process more comfortable and profitable.


Be Careful with Low Hourly Rates

As it was mentioned the developers in Eastern Europe and Asia are quite cheap but the quality of their services is different. For example, Lithuanian developers have a reputation of well-educated specialists that tend to offer reasonable prices. However, there is an opinion that Indian engineers have lower hourly rates but they are not well-qualified.


Study Previous Projects

When you want to hire an outsourcing company, start with checking the references along with their reputation. Each reliable vendor tends to show the released projects.

Clutch can help you learn the prices of companies across the globe and read reviews from their previous clients. 


Why Hire Software Developers at Present Connection?


Present Connection is located in Eastern Europe (Lithuania) and offers personal software development services with highly qualified developers.

There are three main reasons to nearshore your software development to our company:

  • Our developers and project managers have fluent English, so the communication process is easy and comfortable.
  • If we are located in different time zones, our PMs will follow your schedule to keep you updated.
  • The developers use modern technologies to build applications and websites. They tend to visit various workshops, conferences, and more to expand their knowledge.
  • With a personal touch ware providing custom and personal communication models for every customer. Based on your individual preferences, we’ll also come up with the optimal set of tools and best practices for communication. Manage your remote team as if it’s in-house. 
  • Local care


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