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The Top 3 motivational drivers for developer

We all know that there is a whole range of things that drive motivation. We will never achieve satisfactory results if we acquire or integrate one of the many motivational tools because it requires strong commitment and constant work. And since motivation is not consistent, we can reach the peak of motivation today and probably be at the bottom tomorrow.

At Present Connection, we try to take all things related to our well-being seriously. For that, we want to have a better understanding of what motivates software developers these days. An anonymous survey provided interesting insights that we like to share.

Top 3 daily motivators



One of the most significant sources of motivation in our company is working in a team and a pleasant microclimate. Probably more than one of us would put the importance of the team in the top 3 motivators. The reason is apparent: a strong and supportive team can move mountains. Let’s not forget that a good team can bring out the best in every member.


Improving skills

“How can I be better than I was yesterday?” In the world of software development, being better than yesterday can mean many things. For a junior developer, it can mean learning a new language or mastering an important concept. It can mean pushing yourself to improve on a specific problem or becoming a master of a particular technology for seasoned developers. Getting better at software development is a process, just like any skill. You can’t expect to master it overnight, which helps keep a motivation level up.

As we’ve already mentioned, a team can bring out the best in you, so it’s easier to develop your skills and become better within a good team. We are convinced that Present Connection’s internal mentoring program also contributes to these results.


Decide on how and where to work

Total control has never worked, that is clear. That’s why opportunities for autonomous decision-making are always motivating. Today, the changing market has already set specific standards, without which we can no longer imagine our daily work life.

At Present Connection, we have been clear about this for a long time. That is why we constantly strive to find the best solutions and help keep motivation levels as high as possible. For example, with the “You Decide” working model that was introduced last summer, we’re working hard to show complete trust in our employees. This unique model does not require us to commit to any set number of days at the office.


And what about money?

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we want to say that money is not the biggest source of motivation. It obviously is an important motivator, but the whole motivation system can’t only be trusted by the size of the salary. You find more on this subject in an earlier post.

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