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What about Angular? | Mantas

Mantas joined Present Connection as an Angular developer less than a year ago and was assigned to the ProAlpha team.

Here he shares his story about how he ended up in the IT world and his thoughts about the future as an Angular developer. 

How would you describe the market of Angular developers?  

In Lithuania the Angular developers’ market is undersaturated, and experienced Angular developers are in demand.

In general, the job market is secure for Angular developers, as Angular is one of the most popular front-end web frameworks out there right now.  


Share your thoughts about Angular developers’ future?  

An Angular framework should still be relevant for many years ahead, as it has a large online community of developers and big backing by large corporations (such as Google, PayPal).  

In any case, I do not believe that the framework you use matters that much. If the job market changes, I think that knowledge of web development, best practices, clean code ethic is easily transferable to any other framework.  


Advantages/disadvantages of being an Angular developer?  

Disadvantages of angular are:

– steeper learning curve when compared to other frontend libraries (such as React or Vue), or so I have heard 😉 ;

– you need to learn TypeScript (but I would think of it as a benefit, really).

Advantages of angular are:  

– it is a full-sized framework with lots of features;  

– encourages clean code development; 

– large community.


Why did you choose a career in IT?  

When I was about 13 years old, a friend who was a few years older showed me a game he created with Game Maker and a few websites he had made on his computer, and I remember being completely blown away that you could do it just on your computer.  

So, when information technology lessons started in school, I got really interested and began to learn more on my own.  


Why did you choose to be an Angular developer?  

It just so happened that there was an upcoming project with Angular in my previous workplace, and I wanted to take this opportunity to learn something new.  

I enjoy front-end development as it gives an immediate and visible result that you can interact with.  

For me, it gives the greatest satisfaction when I see the result visually.  


Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an angular developer?  

In five years, I hope my acquired experience and knowledge of the Angular framework will allow me to work on some interesting projects.  

In the technology space, five years is quite a long time. Who knows what modern technologies then will be 

I am always interested to learn about recent technologies and frameworks.  


What is the most challenging part of your daily work?  

It changes depending on the day 

Sometimes it could be finding some tricky solution, another day understanding business requirements, etc.  

But in general – deciding what to eat for lunch.  


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