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When Spanish flamenco meets Baltic Charm


As you may have heard, 2023 started with great news! Present Connection has spread its wings and established a presence in sunny Spain. Our team is expanding, and we couldn’t be more excited about the fantastic colleagues joining us on this journey.

One of the joys of being an international company lies in discovering the diverse cultures that make up our team. It is interesting to observe how we change our minds about one another once we truly get to know each other. Our team includes individuals from the Netherlands, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, and, of course, Spain. It’s a cultural mix that brings a lot of excitement to our daily work.

In light of this, we decided to ask our Spanish colleague, Victor, for his thoughts on Lithuania before and after he became a part of our team. Here are his enlightening insights:

  • Cold, serious, and distant people;
  • Hard accent;
  • Ex-soviet country;
  • Uncommonly tall human beings;
  • Where exactly is that country located?!?
  • Party-friendly and funny people;
  • High education level and great English skills;
  • Pretty well technologically developed city (Kaunas);
  • Uncommonly tall human beings;
  • I want to visit more cities and towns in Lithuania;
  • I want to try all their typical food (especially “kepta duona”).

Also, he added, “Dutch and Lithuanians have lunch too early. Direct and too honest people. Very different than the majority of south Europeans,” as he further reflected on the cultural differences within our international team. 

Our company thrives on innovation and values our cultural differences and diversity. We believe this makes us successful and more adaptable. It also helps shape our unique identity and company culture.

Together, we welcome adventures, curiosity, optimism, growth, enthusiasm, different perspectives, cultures, lifestyles, and integrity.

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