About Advisie

Advisie was founded more than 35 years ago and has grown into an innovative IT and consultancy company. Advisie advises companies in healthcare, education, service, wholesale, automotive and the production industry on the automation of financial and other primary processes. In addition to their service activities and the implementation of business software, Advisie has a development department which is certified as Microsoft Gold Partner, Exact Platinum Partner and has been named Exact Partner of the Year many times.


Our Partnership

Advisie develops partly on-site at their customers and believes that by being visible with personal attention the best solutions can be created. Advisie wants to be the trustworthy and innovative advisor for their customers.

It’s strange, but that is as well where our partnership started.

Present Connection is working remotely, but with the local management in the Netherlands, by flying in from time-to-time and by using the right remote tooling the collaboration feels personal.

With this way of work the Advisie developers are advising their customers even with more care, because repeating work, longer-term product development, by dividing specific customer projects in clear stories and with the right development method, developments can easily be done remotely and Advisie can be more visible at their customers.


Client experience

Our collaboration started in 2012. In the first period our team existed out of 1 team, but during the years we divided them in 2 teams.

The product development team focusses on the Advisie product roadmap in which existing products are constantly improved and new products are built. In this team our developers are in close contact with the CTO and product owners of Advisie. Constantly the architecture is reviewed, and new ideas are implemented with a strong focus on Microsoft and React. Most work is done for the product ‘Portal-Builder’. Other products can be found via this link. https://advisie.nl/oplossingen/producten/advisie-solutions

The other team is focussed on customer projects and the development of features in TruckVision. This team is closely working together with Lead developers and Product Owners from Advisie and work in a more closed environment where proven technology is used. Even though the technology stack is known our collaboration shows that new tools can be implemented, and new modules can be created with newer technology like React.

Most important in this team is to work in a transparent Agile way to implement the best solution with good progress and productivity, to share the development knowledge (also in a WIKI kind of way), to know about business processes and be open to learn from a lot of development experience, because with more than 35 year of experience there is a lot of interesting history.

History can be a risk, but it can also be valuable to make the collaboration personal.

Used technologies

MVC, C#, EntityFramework, KnockoutJs, Cordova, React, ReactNative, TypeScript, Azure

Used tools

VMWare, Exact Synergy, Jira, Microsoft Teams, VPN


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