About the Customer

Since 2000, It’s Us is the specialist in ICT maintenance and Exact Business software with a strong focus on Trade and Care companies and Data integrations. Their strengths are expertise, sharing of knowledge and open communication.


Our Partnership

Already since 2013 It’s Us and Present Connection have been collaborating in product development and with the build of customer additional features. It's Us originally is a consultancy company, but with the extension for product development It’s Us serves their customers with more care.


Our collaboration

During these years It’s Us noticed the importance of data integrations within the landscape of their customers. This due to the multiple available systems in an organization and to the increasing volume of data, along with the growing awareness of its value to the enterprises. This resulted in the development of the platform Coretix. Coretix is the integration platform which is developed to integrate systems and exchange data for an affordable price.

This plan accelerated the importance to integrate the way of work between the consultants and the development team. The development team already worked according to Agile SCRUM, but this was now extended to the consultants and sales colleagues in a way that this only had a positive effect on the organization.

With a team of specialists, we are continually improving the Coretix integration platform with the latest techniques and according the market trends, demands of the market and value-added customer requests.

Successful vendors will need to provide real-time integration and scalable offerings. With Coretix data will always be up to date. With Coretix you are free to choose your applications. It really doesn’t matter how your application landscape will change in the future as with Coretix everything stays connected.

The latest improvement that is worth to mention is bringing this technical product to the business user with a stunning new design. Our goal is to improve existing functionality of Coretix platform and extend it to support external systems required to complete customer integrations.

Used technologies

C# language, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Microsoft ASP .NET, WPF, WCF, Node.js, Vue.js

Used tools

MS Visual Studio, GetScope, WebStorm


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