About Staticus

Staticus is one of the largest, privately owned, facade engineering company, which is well-known in the UK, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries for building facades for more than 20 years. Stated in Nothern Europe, the company provides design, production and installation services.

With over 500 employees, effective management and newly reconstructed factory in Vilnius, competitive company ensures quality control of projects as well as timely fashioned implementation.

Operating within Lean methodology, the company ensures the best solutions without cutting back on quality. Service and production quality and wellbeing of their employees are the main values, which enables the success of the company.


Client experience

Present Connection helps Staticus with the development of their ERP system, which is based on PHP technology. The aim is to maintain and optimize the system processes and to install new functionalities. These enhancements will facilitate and improve the quality of processes and resources management.

Used technologies

PHP, MySQL, Laravel, jQuery, Homestead

Used tools

PhpStorm, Microsoft Teams, GitLab


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