Front-End Academy

What You Will Do

If you are interested in gaining software development knowledge from experienced specialists in the field, you are right where you need to be! We offer you an opportunity to learn cutting-edge technologies at our Front-End Academy. And more good news – this can also be your chance to start your software developer career! 

What We Offer

How it goes? Apply for the course, pass the selection phase, and take part in a free 3-month course.

Things you will learn. JavaScript, Reactjs, React native.

Location. “Kauno Dokas”, Jonavos g. 7, Kaunas. 

Start date. 2021 11 17

Duration. 3 months, once a week, every Wednesday at 5 p.m.

Lecturer. Head of Delivery Ernestas Burokas.

Price. Free!

Application process. You can apply to Front-End Academy by filling the form below or sending your CV to until November 5th.

Bonus. Tasty snacks during lectures and a chance to join our team after the Front-End Academy.

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