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From the realization of new features to innovative mobile app development – we are ready to show our expertise in cross-platform and native mobile app development. Since 2012 we have built dozens of mobile apps for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Windows phones.

Our mobile solutions are built and tested on various (even older) devices to guarantee that the apps we built for our customers are performing excellent and are easy to use on every adapted device. If you are not sure about your technical choice, be sure our mobile developers will consult you and choose the best technology which will save money and will be easy to maintain in the future. Currently we are cooperating with customers from all over Europe by making and updating their apps to reach new businesses heights.

Present Connection Mobile Development Expertise



  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows UWP

Cross Platform development


  • Xamarin
  • Telerik

Native Applications

The most traditional mobile development approach is native application. Native mobile app development is characterized by separate source code and development environment for each mobile platform, operating system or even specific device. Example of this are apps with separate versions for each Apple iPhone and iPad releases. The benefits of native apps include higher performance and ability to fully utilize the hardware features of the device. However native development can require a lot of resources, as there is the need to maintain several projects to support each platform, and every platform has its own development tools, which need to be learned first.

Cross-platform Applications

A very popular alternative to native applications are cross-platform mobile app development. We have a lot of experience with Microsoft Xamarin and Progress Telerik Platform Appbuilder as platforms to build cross-platform Applications. The major advantage of this approach is maintainability, and new features can be added quicker while keeping the different device versions consistent with each other. The frameworks to develop mobile cross-platform applications have improved considerably, making this a realistic solution.

HTML5 Applications

Mobile applications fully based on HTML5 are often called “mobile web”. In this case you would develop a mobile app using the same tools you use when developing a web app or creating a website. The major advantage of this approach is affordability, as all the tools are readily available and mobile app development can be integrated with web development.

How do we work?

  • We successfully work with various clients from many European countries in a variety of business areas.
  • We are flexible and able to adapt to each unique project of our clients!
  • According to the technical requirements and technologies, we select the professionals who best suit our clients needs.
  • During the project we communicate with our clients as much as needed to achieve the agreed results and  implement their ideas!

Why choose us?

✓ Native, cross-platform and HTML5 app development services

✓ Experienced mobile app developers

✓ Technologies which fit the needs of our customers best

✓ We offer quality assurance (QA) and testing services

✓ Communication model according to your needs

✓ Delivery within time and budget limits

✓ Support services